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2020 Resolutions- Rave Style!

Posted on December 31 2019

2020 Resolutions- Rave Style!

The decade is quickly coming to an end, and we’re about to welcome a new one! Regardless if you are a veteran or baby raver, there are always new things to try that are raving or festival related. Here’s a list compiled for you to add to your raving bucket list for 2020!

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  1.       Travel to a festival out of state or country

Local festivals are always are always a lot of fun, but you get a completely different experience when you travel to a festival out of state or outside the country. It’s a great chance to get your crew together to travel to a new place. If you have some time to sightsee before or after the music festival, that’s an added bonus to your experience!

  1.       Listen to a new genre/subgenre or EDM

Listening to your favorite genre and artist is great, but it is always great to widen your horizons and check out new genres. If you’re a basshead, try listening to some house music or hardstyle, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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  1.       Organize a rave wear photoshoot with your friends

Regardless of if you use a professional photographer or an iPhone camera, rave photoshoots are always fun! Doing one with your friends is and amazing way to hype each other up and boost each other’s confidence. I always love how empowering these rave photoshoots are!

  1.       Trade kandi with a stranger

Trading kandi is one of the best ways to make friends at shows. Even though talking to a complete stranger might be daunting the first time, it gets easier the more you trade with people. It’s usually the best to trade with someone you vibe with during your favorite sets, those trades are always the most memorable!

  1.       Take a friend to their first rave or EDM-based event

I love taking my non-raver friends to raves and festivals for the first time, a majority of the times I’ve had my first-timer friends love the community and that’s always an amazing experience. Make sure to teach your friends the basics about raving before you go to their first show or festival! Some basic topics I always love to cover before taking them to their first show are etiquette, trading kandi, types of EDM genres, different producers/DJs, etc.

  1.       Go to a camping festival

Camping at music festivals add a whole different dimension to the festival experience. Although there are times that you may have to deal with extreme weather and getting a little grimey, the memories you make with your squad camping at festivals are priceless. 

  1.       Support a small business while buying your festival or rave outfits

There are so many amazing small businesses that sell rave outfits. Rolita Couture is definitely one of them and there are also many other amazing small business that make outfits and accessories for  festivals and raves. A lot of love and care goes into these outfits, so I definitely suggest researching some small businesses and supporting them!

  1.       Go to EDC

EDC Las Vegas is truly the happiest place on earth for ravers. It’s definitely one worth putting on your bucket list if you have never been, they have everything from the best music, rides, and even fireworks.

  1.       Meet an online friend in-person at a festival

One of my favorite things about festivals is meeting online friends for the first time. Last year was a huge year for that for me, and there’s nothing better than meeting someone that you have vibed with online. Some of the best places to make online friends are Instagram and Facebook, if there’s been that one friend you’ve been talking to that you haven’t met yet, it’s worth planning a festival together!

  1.   See an epic B2B

B2Bs are an amazing chance to see two artists who may not play together often throw down for an amazing set. These sets could be a once in a lifetime chance to see artists play together, so if you see your two favorite artists playing a B2B on a festival lineup, I definitely recommend going to see that!


 What's your 2020 resolution? Share it in the comments.




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