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About Rolita Couture

Rolita Couture started on September 27, 2013 when I opened my Etsy shop.

I was sitting outside the house with my husband, at that time boyfriend, looking through festival fashion on Instagram when he told me hat I should start a festival fashion brand but at that time I was busy with school and work, so there was not enough free time for me to start a business.

A few days later my dad's health was compromised and my sister reached out to see if I could help with his medical bill, but I only had $700 to my name and I felt bad because I could not help with more and then Erick's idea came back to my mind but still never acted on it. I was tired of being a housekeeper for five years, so I started looking to get a transfer to be nursing assistant at the hospital I was working at, I applied 40 times on different openings but never got the chance to get an interview; I felt that my resume was not good enough for them. I was very disappointed because I wanted somebody to give me a an opportunity, so I could prove that I could do the job but that never happened..

However, that rejection gave more motive to do something that I could be proud of, to have a voice, to have freedom, to work for myself, to build the future that I always dreamed and to change my life without asking for someone else to give me an opportunity and that was when Erick's Idea hit me harder and had me thinking "Why not to open a shop and be my own boss? What do I have to lose?" So I finally did it. A year later with Erick's support I was able to quit my job and four years later Erick quick his job and joined me on this crazy adventure at Rolita Couture.

I want to inspire women to feel sexy and confident in their body by wearing clothes that fit them and make them feel beautiful. Knowing the struggle personally with 45" hips, 33" waist, I hated going to the store knowing sizes were gonna be a problem. I want everyone to feel amazing and not to have fitting issues.

I want to dedicate my life and career promoting body confidence and self love. I want to show to every woman how beautiful, special and unique they are. I want to give a voice and space to those women who feel excluded in life, those who feel they are not good enough and also to the ones that feel amazing about themselves.

Erick & Rosa