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About Rolita Couture

Rolita Couture started on September 27, 2013. I was sitting outside the house with my husband, at that time boyfriend, and looking through rave fashion on Instagram. Some girls were selling rave bras, and he told me “you can make something like that and sell it” At the time I was a full time student and worker so  initially I thought there was not enough time to open a business. A few days later my dad’s health was compromised and my sister reached out to see if I could with his health bills, when at this time I only had $700 to my name. Erick’s idea kept crossing my mind but still have never acted on it. I started looking to get a transfer to be nursing assistant because I was tired of been After being in housekeeping after 5 years and I wanted something better for myself and Erick’s idea once again had me thinking “Why not? What do I have to loose?” So I finally did it. 1 year later with Erick’s support I was able to quit my job. Just 4 years later Erick quit his job and joined me on this crazy adventure with Rolita :) 

I want to inspire women to feel sexy and confident in their clothing. Knowing the struggle Personally with 44” hips, I hated going to the store know sizes were gonna be a problem. I want everyone to feel amazing and not to have fitting issues. 

Raving and the EDM community is such a huge part of my life I want to dedicate my life & career to promoting body confidence and self love. To support each and every one with peace, love, unity and respect, while we unite together underneath the electric sky. 

Rolita Couture by
Rosa Yanisselli