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Meet The Team

Meet the Rolita Couture Team

Rolita Couture is small company of only six people, but their impact is undeniable. Rolita Couture products are all handmade in Las Vegas, NV, and they employ all local Las Vegas residents. It is very important to them to be a company based on fairness and sustainability in hopes to help positively impact the fashion industry that causes waste, pollution, and unfair wages/working conditions on a massive scale. They plan to maintain this business model as they grow in hopes to help positively influence other companies. Rolita Couture is also a company based around body positivity. Featuring sizes that range from XS-3XL, every person can find the size they need. RC believes that fashion is for everyone and should not be limited to sizes. Everyone deserves to feel and look their best, no matter what size or shape you are. Each employee at RC was picked because not only are they amazing workers, they also believe and uphold the principals that Rolita Couture stands for. On that note, let’s meet the team!

Rolita Couture

Co-Owner & Designer

Rosa is the founder and head boss lady for Rolita Couture. Rosa is from Panama and moved to Houston, TX in 2008. This is where she met her husband, Erick. She eventually grew tired of her job as a housekeeper and the CNA classes she was taking. She felt stuck and unhappy. She had always been a creative and crafty person, but when she made her outfit for EDC 2013, Erick suggested that she started making outfits for other people as a way to make extra money and get out of her unhappy job situation. She decided to do just that. She started making costumes for pageants, dance competitions, Halloween, and most importantly, raves. Thus, Rolita Couture was born on September 27th, 2013. She eventually transitioned to solely making ravewear, and her business took off. She was able to quit her unhappy job and be her own boss. Her and Erick moved to Las Vegas in 2019 for the bigger rave scene and to be closer to California where they get their fabric.

As the owner of RC, she does virtually everything. She designs the patterns, buys the fabric, teaches Erick how to sew the designs so he can teach the seamstresses, delegates, runs the Shopify, runs the email marketing, does graphic design (a skill she never thought she would learn), designs the accessories, controls the laser cutting machine and much more. Her favorite thing about Rolita Couture is how it has created a little community. She loves going to festivals and seeing girls wearing her clothes. It is so cool.

Rosa has been raving since 2007, but in Panama, raving was completely different than it was in the US. People dressed more in club clothing at raves in Panama. Rosa recalls how shocked she was when she went to her first rave in the US because everyone was wearing bras, fluffies and tutus, but of course she fell in love with the fashion. Because of that, we are all here today!

Rosa - Co-Owner & Designer
Rosa - Co-Owner & Designer - Working

Co-Owner & Production

Erick is from LA and moved to Houston, TX in 2005. Before Rolita Couture, he was a machinist and did maintenance on small aircrafts. He and Rosa met in 2012 at a Halloween show where Dada Life was performing. They started dating in January 2013 and got married in June 2017 at EDC. Erick knew how unhappy Rosa was with her work situation and dealing with the rejection from the jobs she wanted. He encouraged her to start her own business but advised her to not quit her job until she matched the income from her business with that of her current job. Sure enough, she did it. And the rest is history.

Erick builds everything for Rosa. Whatever her vision is, he makes it a reality. He cuts all the fabric, organizes the fabric and its layout, handles the budget, and so many things that he doesn’t even keep track anymore. His favorite thing about Rolita Couture is how the brand and Rosa have touched so many lives. He loves seeing all of the people who gather for the RC meet ups at festivals and has met so many cool people because of it.

Erick started raving in 2006 when he went to see Armin Van Buuren in Houston (fun fact: Rosa happened to be at the same show, but they hadn’t met yet). He loves raving and plans to be raving until he’s dead. One of his favorite parts about raving is being able to show other people a good time.

Erick - Co-Owner & Production
Erick - Co-Owner & Production - Working

Team Lead & Seamstress

Hillary is from Mexico and has lived in Las Vegas for about 15 years. She’s been working for RC since September 2019. Her favorite thing about working about RC is the fact that it doesn’t feel like work! Everyone is so fun and friendly. Hillary does a lot of different jobs here at RC. She is mainly a seamstress, but she also helps out wherever she is needed. Sometimes she handles shipping and makes accessories.

She is new to the rave community and just went to her first rave: EDC 2021! She had so much fun and finally understood why everyone cries when they walk in to EDC for their first time… it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! Hillary loves rock music, so in her free time she loves to go to rock concerts. She also loves true crime stories and enjoys listening to podcasts and watching documentaries about it.

Hillary - Team Lead & Seamstress
Hillary - Team Lead & Seamstress - Working

Sam & Coco
Number One Employees, Emotional Support

Samantha (the big one) and Coco (the little one) are the, hands-down, BEST employees of Rolita Couture. They work hard and lend a helping hand anytime it’s needed! They are active and involved in their work and definitely don’t lay on their bed all day. Samantha is the sweetest girl and wants pets and to play with her rope toy anytime she can. Coco is the Queen (thinks she is) and likes to eat trash and weird objects for fun. She loves snuggles and might possibly have been a cat in her past life. They bring everyone at the office daily joy and entertainment and are the most important employees at RC!

Sam & Coco - Number One Employees, Emotional Support
Sam & Coco - Number One Employees, Emotional Support
Sam & Coco - Number One Employees, Emotional Support