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A list of 7 Small Businesses and How to Support Them

Posted on April 23 2020

A list of 7 Small Businesses and How to Support Them

Small businesses are everywhere! They are the ones just starting out, the "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants, the privately owned retail store, and of course, the rave fashion shops that are run by one to two people.

It is always important to shop small, but during the time that we are in currently with the COVID-19 virus turning into a global pandemic, it is especially important to support small businesses. Why? Well, because when you support a small business, you are helping a mother feed her kids, a father support his family, or a fellow raver pay bills.

It is important to realize that supporting a small business does not always mean that you have to purchase something from them. While that is the best way, you can also support these businesses by getting their names out to the public and voicing your support! You can do this by liking and commenting on their social media posts, sharing their posts to your page, and telling people you know to check them out! The more people who know about these small businesses, the better their outcome! We want these businesses to know they have a support team!

With this support in mind, I have compiled a list of seven of my favorite small businesses that I believe everyone should know about and support!

1. Rave Babe Attire

Rave Babe Attire is run by the power couple Jenn and Josh! They run their business out of Los Angeles, CA and handcraft everything! Their catalog includes masks, robes, fluffy jackets, and of course matching sets for festivals! Rave Babe was started in January 2019 and has made so much amazing progress just within that one year time span! My favorite thing about Rave Babe Attire is the fact that Jenn is always there to make sure your outfit is what you want! If your size is not listed, she will custom make the outfit to your size, if you would like a different top or bottom style than what is pictured, she will create the style that you would like for the set!

2. Rave Fantasyland

Rave Fantasyland is a one woman business run by Ashtar! She runs her business out of Phoenix, AZ and handcrafts her own line of glitter, gems, accessories, and clothing! Ash sells both loose glitter and glitter gels, which are both vegan and cruelty-free! She provides a selection of both face and chest gems, accessories including braided hair, perlers, and chokers! My favorite thing about Rave Fantasyland is that all the glitter comes off so easily! All you need is water! I am also an ambassador for Rave Fantasyland so if you use my code "sammi", you will save 10% on your purchase!


3. DaisyDayDreamz

Daisydaydreamz is a one woman business run by Anna! She runs her business out of Houston, TX and handcrafts her own line of rave fashion! Anna started Daisydaydreamz in 2015 making rave bras but it wasn't until 2019 that she released her first line of clothing! While I do not currently own anything from her, I just ordered a custom piece through her that I will receive in a couple of months! Super excited! My favorite thing about Daisydaydreamz is all the super cute fabrics! Anna really goes out of her way to choose fabrics that are not normally used by other businesses!


4. Kinetic Closet

Kinetic Closet is a one woman business run by Alexa! She runs her business out of Phoenix, AZ and has a wide variety of rave accessories! Alexa handcrafts head pieces, scrunchies, earrings, harnesses, and she just released a Crop Alison Wonderland hoodie as well as wood house decor! My favorite thing about Kinetic Closet is the originality of the products! Alexa has such a wide variety of items offered but no product is exactly like one another.


5. BellabooCreations

BellabooCreations is a one woman business run by Adrienne! Adrienne handcrafts custom rave fashion including masks, jerseys, tops, and bodysuits! She also makes customized knickknacks including keychains, pop sockets, mugs, and decals!

My favorite thing about BellabooCreations is that Adrienne can literally create practically anything. She is so amazingly talented so your options are limitless. Plus, everything she makes is totally cute!

6. Nomad Kandi

Nomad Kandi is a one woman business run by Lauren out of Atlanta, GA! Lauren handcrafts all sorts of neon, UV reactive, and groovy-vibed rave accessories ranging from chokers to harnesses to kandi! My favorite thing about Nomad Kandi is how colorful and personalized everything is! Lauren definitely included all ravers in her thoughts when making everything.


7. Rolita Couture (DUH!)

Rolita Couture was created in 2013 and is run by husband and wife, Rosa and Erick, out of Las Vegas, NV! Rosa's creations range from classic styles, like thong bottoms and a bikini top, to edgy and modern styles, like chain tops/bottoms and underboob tops! Rolita Couture also has accessories like gloves, skirts, pasties, and face gems! My favorite thing about Rolita Couture is their sizing! Rosa made sure that girls of all sizes would be able to feel beautiful and confident when wearing Rolita Couture! Her tops are supportive and outfits are just so complimentary on everyone!

Of course, there are a ton of other small businesses around but these seven are my absolute fave and I will always shop with them first! Remember, supporting small businesses doesn't always mean buying from them. Liking/commenting/sharing on social media will support them just as much. When you shop small, you help someone achieve their dreams!

Written by @miss_sammi_marie


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