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Ballin’ on a Budget: A Rave Babe’s Guide to Saving Money

Posted on March 13 2019

Ballin’ on a Budget: A Rave Babe’s Guide to Saving Money

You’ve worked endless shifts to save up for your next big festival just on the horizon, only to realize that there are many extra expenses you’ll have to incur! From finding the most flattering outfit to figuring out how to travel in style, it seems as though you’ll have to spend an exorbitant amount. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you come home with a little more cash in your wallet!

No rave experience is complete without the perfect outfit, but a quick glimpse around popular rave wear sites will tell you that this can quickly rack up a huge bill, especially if you’re a fashionista with a penchant for quality.


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Promo Codes
Fortunately, many websites, including our very own Rolita Couture, offer promotional codes on a regular basis that can help you save anywhere between 10% -  20% on your entire purchase. We give our ambassadors a hefty 15% off code for all of their followers; you get an affordable outfit and they get a little extra cash as a thank you. It’s a win-win situation!

Rave fashion companies often have massive sales and their subscribers are the first to know. Sign up for company newsletters to make sure you get first dibs on all the awesome flash sales that come around!


Payment Plans
Many rave wear companies partner programs with Afterpay or Sezzle to break payments into intervals, spacing out your purchase with your paycheck! If you’re shopping on Rolita’s website (which you totally should be), just select Afterpay at check out and your order will be shipped right away. No interest. No fees. Just four easy, automatic payments over the course of 8 week. Now you can shop and be bougie on a budget!

Reuse Pasties
Pasties can be just as expensive as a nice top on clearance, but they are also absolutely iconic. If you decide that you must have the cutest sequin pasties, make sure to stock up on refills to optimize the number of times you can use them, while still staying hygienic. Alternatively, if your pasties won’t show through your outfit,  large Band-Aids are just as discrete and they come at the noteworthy price of $2.50 for 5 pairs.

Travel and Housing
Travel and housing are absolute necessities when it comes to festivals, but it’s all too easy to forget just how much they add up.


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Plan in Advance
If you know that you want to attend a festival, it can save you a ton of money to solidify your housing and travel arrangements before anyone purchases their tickets and accommodations skyrocket in price. Some festivals will even reveal their dates before their official announcements. For example, immediately after EDC Las Vegas 2018, the event’s official twitter account noted that the dates for 2019 would be May 17-19 th .

Consider Alternatives
Depending on the venue, staying at AirBnBs or camping can be cheaper than nearby hotels, so it is always worth cross-referencing different types of accommodations to determine what works best for you and your gang.

Food is a hidden cost associated with many festivals that many of us don’t take into consideration until the morning after, when we wake up with significantly less in our bank accounts.


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Food Prep
If you’re attending a multi-day festival, eating before and after you get to the venue will save you a fortune on costly, mediocre festival food. Round up your squad and head to a local supermarket or Costco prior to the festival—your wallet and palate will thank you later.

Cash, Not Credit
To limit your festival expenditures in general and reduce the risk of a stolen credit card, we highly recommend bringing cash instead of sporting your trusty plastic, but make sure to research the cost of merchandise and food beforehand. You want to save money, but you don’t want to need someone to save you at the end of the night because you weren’t prepared.

So there you have it, babes! Raving can be expensive, but at the end of the day, we all know that it’s worth it to vibe out together under the electric sky and spread our love to the friends we make along the way.

Share in the comments how you save money to be able to go to festivals. 

 By Samantha


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