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Four Self-care Tips for Ravers Who Are Practicing Social Distancing

Posted on April 27 2020

Four Self-care Tips for Ravers Who Are Practicing Social Distancing

The last month has been wild to say the least. Hope everyone has been staying healthy both physically and mentally. To everyone who have been practicing social distancing, thank you and hopefully if we all do this, life will be back to normal soon. To people who work in healthcare and other essential roles that put you in the frontlines of COVID-19, thank you for doing what you do, we all seriously appreciate you guys. I know social distancing has been hard for a lot of people (especially for extroverts like me out there), and have potentially taken a bit of a toll on our mental health. How are you all doing and how have you been taking care of yourselves? Here are four ways you can practice self-care while you stay at home!

 1. Exercise:

With public gyms being closed, exercising is so important for both your physical and mental health right now! How can you exercise without equipment? If you are wanting to look into paid workout programs, there are many subscriptions you can pay for through iPhone apps. I definitely recommend doing your research for good programs before you subscribe! If you are looking for free programs, I’ve found that Amazon Prime actually has a lot of great exercise videos to guide you through your workout. My personal favorite has been Maggie Binkley’s HIIT workouts, they’re short if you’re in a rush but are also challenging! If it’s nice out and you live in a neighborhood that’s not populated, you can definitely go for a run or a walk as well.

Maggie Brinkley’s workouts on Amazon Prime have been my favorite workouts to follow at home!!

2. Virtual Hangouts with your rave fam:

The most challenging thing about staying at home for a lot of people is the lack of social interaction. This is especially hard for a lot of extroverts, who thrive on being around people. Luckily, we live in a time where we can still hangout with our friends without physically being there! I’ve seen a lot of people take advantage of teleconferencing both for work and for fun. While a lot of workplaces are using programs like Zoom to have meetings with their remote workers, you can use Zoom and similar programs to check up on your rave fam as well! Some great apps to use for this are Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Skype. Grab a beer (or your favorite beverage) call your rave fam for a virtual Happy Hour hangout through Zoom this weekend!

@sunflowerraver dressing up in Rolita Couture to rave at home!!

3. Virtual Raves: 

Many events and festivals have been getting postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19, and for many of us who were planning to go to festivals in March or April, this has taken a huge toll on our mental health. Luckily, many artists and event companies have been livestreaming sets so we still can rave from the comfort of our homes. The best part? Inexpensive alcohol, “VIP” seating, no lines, and clean bathrooms! Call your rave fam over Zoom, dress up in your festival outfits (and support small businesses), and dance your heart out to your favorite sets!

4. Learn a new skill:

Since many of us are staying home, this means you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Now is the best time to learn a new skill and sharpen your mind! YouTube is a great place to look for tutorials such as shuffling, flow arts, and kandi making. Use this time to practice or learn a new skill, so you can look sharp once festival season is here.

@lifeinthefast.lena is using this time to learn some hooping skills!

I know this can be a difficult time to stay positive, so I hope these tips really help you get through this. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. In the meantime, stay healthy and home! I really hope this will pass soon so I can see you all at the next festival!

Written by Loana 


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