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Are you a Warrior?

Posted on April 12 2019

Are you a Warrior?

When we think of a warrior, I am sure many different things come to mind. Some might picture an Amazonia princess in the deep jungles. Others might think of a Joan-of-Arcadia type leading an army to battle. Whatever you think, there are a few underlying traits they all possess. Warriors have the ability to stand up for what they believe in, the strength to face anything, and the perseverance to remain calm and collected no matter what life throws at them. We decided to embody all these traits, and channel them into a new line that will showcase your inner warrior goddess: Glam Warrior!

  Models: Renee (@bassdropprincess), Heather (@heather442oh) and Loana (@loanabanana82)

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with a few of the Rolita Rebels from the Glam Warrior Photoshoot and asked them to tell us in their own words, how the collection empowered them and helped them release their inner warrior. The girls we sat down with were Jade (@jadethedonut), Renee (@bassdropprincess) and Heather (@heather442oh). Here’s what they had to say:

Rolita: When wearing the new Glam Warrior collection, how did the new collection make you feel? What was your favorite thing about the clothes? 

Jade: I felt confident in the collection. Rosa always comes from a body positive stance and that energy is felt while wearing the garments. I LOVED the colors and comfort, comfort is always number one. 

Renee: It made me feel empowered, sexy, & confident! I absolutely loved the underboob style since for me personally, it is showing a lot of skin but not too much. It is the right amount of sexiness but with 100% comfort and full range of motion for festivals! Also, the PANTS?? Can we talk about how flattering and winter rave ready those pants are??!!

Heather: I love that this collection had a mix of sweetness but also demanded attention. Every piece was super flattering and the color was drop dead gorgeous!

Model: Drea (@ravewithdray) Edited by: Blu Vision Photography


Rolita: Wow! We love all your answers. So, tell me, what does it mean for you to be a warrior?

Jade: For me, it means to be aware, responsible, and enthusiastic. We are a product of our environment and how we choose to showcase that is our prerogative. 

Renee: It means to be vigilant, to be able to find comfort when there is none. To persevere and conquer all obstacles thrown at you. To protect the warriors you march with and to be noble!

Heather: Being a warrior for me means standing up for what you believe in and supporting each of our fellow sisters. Although life can get tough we all have the ability to light another’s flame when theirs gets low.


Model: Kiana (@kianas.gram) Edited by: Blu Vision Photography


Rolita: It sounds like you all are very passionate about being a warrior, and we love that! To be a warrior, we must stand strong against all the struggles life throws at us. What are some struggles that you have had (either in the festival fashion industry or outside of it) and how did you overcome them? 

Jade:  I have had lots of struggles with self-acceptance. We live in a time of validation and human interaction and a lot of ourselves can get lost in that, especially with the presence of social media. Introspection and accountability have really helped me not only accept myself but grow into a better human because of it. 

Renee: I’ve always been insecure of my stomach, thighs, arms, face cheeks, you name it haha! I grew up in a critical Filipino family so since childhood I was told to diet, to lose weight, that I lost too much weight, etc. … As I got older I realized the only opinion that mattered was MINE. I also am a practicing yogi of 1 ½ years and that has helped me significantly with my self-esteem, self-love, and to not judge others or myself… Also, it helps that my boyfriend of 5 years tells me that I am beautiful just the way I am (& trust me throughout the years my body has fluctuated). It took me a combination of those things to help me overcome my struggles.

 Heather: I struggled for a long time finding a self-image that I was comfortable with. I have dealt with body dysmorphia and a negative self-image for years and years before entering the festival fashion community. Once I found EDM and the accepting and loving community that surrounded it, it was like a light switch flipped. I could suddenly find the confidence and strength within myself to be able to showcase my body and these brands to the world with the support of my friends and fellow ravers beside me.


Model: Loana (@loanabanana82) Edited by: Blu Vision Photography


Rolita: You all are so inspirational! For our last question, if you could send one message to all the women looking up to you to gain confidence what would you say? 

Jade: Just be yourself. You are your own kind of being, and as long as you seek to understand yourself your confidence will radiate from within. You have the power to believe in yourself and strengthen your strengths and improve your weakness both inside and out. 

Renee: Acknowledge your insecurities! Ask yourself if you can change any of it... If you can, try-do it. If you cannot, it is ok, but do not talk down to yourself. You wouldn’t talk down to a child, right? Well would you talk down to your 10-year-old self? No! Attempt to get yourself out of those negative thought loops. Try your best to be who you want to be…. Believe you can, and you are halfway there :)

Heather: Girl, own it! Every body type is different and every body is beautiful in its own way. I promise you, nobody fixates on our flaws more then ourselves. Wear what makes you feel happy, surround yourself with friends that lift you up, and confidence will follow!


Model: Jade (@jadethedonut) Edited by: Blu Vision Photography


It's always a pleasure getting to chat with these ladies, and their words left me truly uplifted. All of us struggle in life, but we are strong women who don’t let anything get in the way of our goals and successes. With this message, I leave you with a final quote that you can hold in your heart: “"Strong women aren't simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge we grow mentally and emotionally. We move forward with our head held high and a strength that can’t be denied. A woman who's been through the storm and survived. We are WARRIORS"


What message you could send to other woman to be confident? Let us a comment.  


By Heather


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