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Goldrush AZ Rebel Takeover!

Posted on October 21 2019

Goldrush AZ Rebel Takeover!

This year was my second time attending goldrush AZ and it was definitely the most magical! I personally love themed festivals so getting into the yeehaw spirit was exactly what I needed to do. Goldrush is one of two Relentless Beats independent festivals, so I knew that we were going to be spoiled!


Models from left to right: Heather, Brianna, Nadege, Bela, Haley  Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

It all started with the Rolita Rebels meeting to do a pre-fest shoot in the new Circuit Breaker Collection! We decided to meet somewhere just outside the festival grounds that captured the old western spirit the festival was about. Our photographer Alexa did a great job choosing a location that allowed us to spread out and really get into the vibe!

Model: Heather Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

During the shoot, we were all laughs working together to get the best shots. One of my favorite things about larger group shoots is all the support from the girls, that gets you genuine smiles in your shots! We had a couple more experienced girls as well which was amazing for guiding poses for the ones that hadn’t done a professional shoot before. In the end, we had an amazing bonding experience and every girl got a part of her beautiful soul captured in photo!

Model: Brianna Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

When we arrived at the fest, we could already hear the thumping bass line coming from the mainstage. There’s truly no other hype like the hype of the crowd arriving to the fest excited to get inside! Once we were in, it was like we were transported 200 years in the past. Wagons, barrels and other western features were throughout the fest, really making you feel like you were an outlaw arriving in town!

The festival is set up through the Rawhide Western town, so it allows for space for three separate stages. The first stage was the Hideout, the curated house stage tucked into the top of the western town. This stage had an intimate vibe, with the dance floor right up to the stage so you felt at one with the DJ. We found ourselves boogying at this stage throughout the night multiple times!

Model: Bela Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

The western town itself was also a site to see! The western jail and sweet shop provided photo ops and places to immerse yourself in the western theme. Also tucked in was the silent disco, where you could go and dance with some of the hottest local DJs Arizona has! We stopped for a quick photo op in the wagon jail to strike a pose or six! We all decided to meet for a small rebel bonding moment at the far end, at mainstage. As Garreth Emery put out beautiful beats, we all shared a moment dancing and grooving together in the open night sky.

Model: Haley Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

Throughout the fest, we were stopped multiple times by people asking us about our Circuit Breaker outfits, giving us compliments and grabbing photos with us! That’s my favorite part of festivals, because it gives an opportunity to have a moment of shared connection with someone you may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. When someone gives me a compliment one of my favorite things to do is shoot one right back at them, seeing girls faces light up when you notice their handmade bra, or how they styled their outfit literally sets my soul on fire!

Model: Nadege Photographer: Alexa Collection: Circuit Breaker

In the end, those two days of Goldrush were amazing, and being a Rolita Rebel day 1 made the experience truly magical. I love the empowering feeling of walking through the festival knowing we all looked amazing, and seeing the Rebels who hadn’t experienced that before holding their heads a little higher, and grinning a little bigger was a memory I will always be grateful for. The sets were all so much fun to dance to, having a shared experience with the other Rebels was beautiful, and I ended the fest day 2 feeling like my soul fire had been relit and my creative energy was fully charged. Thank you Relentless Beats for another amazing Goldrush AZ, from me and all the other Rolita Rebels!

Models from left to right: Heather, Brianna, Nadege, Bela, Haley  Photographer: Alexa 
Collection: Circuit Breaker


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