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Halloween- But Make it Rave!

Posted on October 28 2019

Halloween- But Make it Rave!

With Halloween just around the corner, we know your schedule is jam packed with all the halloween parties- and raves! with spooky themed raves comes the inevitable question- but what do i wear?! We collected a few looks from our rebels in rave halloween costumes to hopefully spark your creativity and inspire you this spooky season! 

The first question you have to answer is always- spooky or sweet?! We love a festive spooky look for halloween raves, they are fun and really captures the spirit!

Model: Lauren Outfit: Got my Heart Top, Arcadia bottoms and Galactic Fairy skirt

Lauren really captured a spooky vibe with this vampire look, pairing her Got My Heart top with her Arcadia Bottoms and Galactic Fairy skirt in black! She added chains, fangs and a little glitter makeup for the ultimate rave vampire look! 

Model: Alex Bodysuit: Delusion available at IHeartRaves

 Alex created this extra-terrestrial Rebel look and we cant get enough of it! She paired her Delusion Bodysuit with an alien head belt and bra, and added a headpiece to show she's the ruler of this universe! 

Model: Heather    Top: Utopia Top 

Heather went full spook with this look that equal parts festive and versatile for dancing all night! She's wearing the Utopia top in Black paired with bat wings and ears for a simple, yet unmistakable bat costume that's fun and flirty!

If you decided that something more sweet is your style, take a look at these looks our rebels made for less trick and more treat this halloween!

Model: Sam    Bottoms: Lace Me Up in Grey Camo

Captain Sam reporting for duty! She built her army costume around our Lace Up Bottoms in Grey Camo, and added a captains hat for the cherry on top! No matter her rank, she's serving up looks that for sure!

Model: Loana Top: Can't Tame Me Halter Bottoms: Arcadia High Waist

I think we can all agree that Loana is quite possibly the cutest unicorn we have ever seen! She paired her Arcadia Bottoms and Can't Tame Me halter with sparkles and wings, and to top it off, ears and a horn complete the look! 

Model: Nia Top: Rebel Chain Top Bottoms: Bootylicious Chain Bottoms Skirt: Galactic Fairy Skirt

If you still can't decide what to be, there's always the trusty cat costume! Nia made the cutest outfit with her Rebel Chain top, Bootylicious bottoms and Galactic Fairy Skirt. She completed the look with a pair of kitty ears for a halloween costume that will withstand dancing the night away

Model: Heather Bottoms: Arcadia Bottoms in Jade

For the last look, Fall down the rabbit hole with Rolita Couture! Heather paired our Arcadia bottoms with white tights and mushroom pasties and a black headband for a take on alice in wonderland that went full rave. 

These are just a couple Halloween looks gone rave, keeping in the spirit of halloween but still being comfy and versatile to be able to dance! How are you getting into the Halloween spirit? Tell us below!


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