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How to hit a festival solo!

Posted on December 26 2019

How to hit a festival solo!

Going to a festival alone can be an amazing & fulfilling experience, but it’s not an easy feat. It’s a bit scary & intimidating to think about being by yourself with hundreds of thousands of strangers, but don’t let that stop you from living your best life. When preparing to attend a festival alone I focus on making my entire experience as convenient & efficient as possible. Here are some of my “must haves” & life hacks that I’ve learned from my solo festival experiences.

Model: Alex

Rent a locker to help minimize the amount of stuff you’re carrying. You’re more likely to lose things if you have a lot of items on you that you have to constantly keep track of at all times. I store my sunglasses in my locker when the sun goes down, my portable charger when my phone has a decent amount of battery life, big kandi pieces that I want to keep safe, a jacket when it’s sunny, or a hat/crown when I know I’m about to go headbang alot. It’s also nice to be able to put things away while you take a break/keeps your hands free for maximum festival food intake.


Keep your very important items in your fanny pack so you don’t have to keep taking off your backpack & digging through it every time you need something. Items like your ID, earplugs, credit cards/money, gum, chapstick, & diffraction glasses, can all fit perfectly in a fanny pack! Everytime you go into your backpack/fanny pack double check that ALL the zippers are fully closed whenever you’re done with them, seeing all your stuff flying through the air in the middle of bass drop is the worst.

Models: Alex and this sweet Unicorn!


If it’s an option, I’d recommend getting a GA+ or VIP ticket. My least favorite part of going to festivals alone was having to wait in line to get through security/on the shuttle/into the festival. Having to stand around for 1-3 hours by myself was BRUTAL. Yeah I made some friends in line and we chatted for a bit but overall I would say that was the only time I truly felt lonely, and bored as hell. Upgrading your pass gets you to the action faster & it gives you the freedom to arrive whenever you want instead of rushing to get ready early to try and beat the crowds.

Model: Brittany

Depending on the festival & what their perks are, VIP can be the safest/smartest way to go. At EDC they provide multiple lounging areas, so you can sit safely in a big cushion chair VS sitting on the ground trying to avoid getting stepped on. There’s almost never a line for food or bathrooms too. The easier you can make things for yourself, the better of an experience you will have!

Models: Alex and Amanda

Keep an eye on your surroundings, try to stay in view of security/ground control when your watching a set. If you make friends with some of the security staff, they’ll most likely remember you throughout the weekend & will offer you water/make sure everything is ok. It’s alot less scary to be alone when you know there’s someone watching your back.

Remember that you are the captain of your adventures, you are not responsible for anyone else, and no one is responsible for you. You run on your own time, stand wherever you choose, & leave a set whenever you want. If you’re standing next to someone who is giving you weird vibes just move to a different spot, it’s alot easier to move through crowds when you’re by yourself (Don’t forget to say excuse me!) Use this opportunity to watch your favorite artist from the rail & take some amazing videos to share with your rave fam back home.

Make some time to attend a meetup or two, it’s your best chance to connect with some familiar faces and make new friends. Also meetups are a good way to get some quality pics, they’re usually held in places with good lighting & it’s less awkward than asking a stranger to take booty pics for you.

Enjoy a set with strangers by breaking the ice with the people around you. Offer something like a piece of gum or a fan cool down, usually people are really appreciative. They might be super friendly and give you a light show, or they could quietly vibe to the music with you. Either way it’ll be better than awkwardly avoiding eye contact with the people right next to you for an hour. You will never feel alone at a festival as long as you are open to sharing your experience with others & spreading PLUR to everyone you meet.

Models: Alex and Ade

Attending a festival alone is amazing and I highly recommend it. Just make sure to prepare properly & be open minded. Most importantly remember to pace yourself, be safe, drink water/eat food, & ask for help if you need it.



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