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How to Make your Own Positivity Journal

Posted on April 20 2020

How to Make your Own Positivity Journal

Sometimes times are uncertain, for us right now it is being caused by a global pandemic, many of us are confined to our homes feeling uncertain about when this will end, when we’ll make money again, when we’ll see our next festival and rave under the lasers at night. We’re all facing a lot of different emotions; for some they are staying super positive and using the time to try new things or finish things they never had the time to do, for others they are feeling the lack of motivation to do our school work or work from home, some feel fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, boredom, A WIDE ARRANGE OF EMOTIONS! And many of us are struggling, so I wanted to share what helps me, a positivity journal!


I will show you what I put in mine, how to create your own and the benefits to a positivity journal to help turn your mindset around!

Step 1: You’re going to want to get a journal obviously, I prefer ones with quotes on the cover to help motivate me to reach a goal at the time or a reminder to be happy. Mine currently says “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag this was before I started traveling a lot and here I am traveling the country for festivals! 

Step 2: Get colored writing utensils, so markers, pens, crayons, colored pencils whatever it is because bright pages will help you to be happy and bright. Who doesn’t love looking at something colorful?! 

Step 3: Set up prompted pages. To do this, like you can see in the picture, I come out with a templet of things to write about every day. I start by finding a quote that I think will help me for the day and that goes at the top, then I always write “I am grateful for…” and list 3 things, you of course can add more if you want! THE MORE THE BETTER! Secondly, during this time I write down 3 things I want to do today, this kinda keeps me on track, writing things down for me I feel like I’m setting it in motion and am more likely to follow through with it. I also added 3 Things I Love About Me and Goals for Today. I try to base mine off ideas I have learned from studying Buddhist at home to try to live a more enlightened, positive free lifestyle. I do this every morning to set my day into motion. Some people may like to do something similar at night too, you may want to check off if you reached your goals, or write about the good things that happened today!

Step 4: DRAW AND DRAW A LOT! When I get a new book, I like to go throughout the journal and leave doodles in different places so I smile when I get to them in the future, allow yourself to be creative! Draw animals telling jokes or flowers you like, something you know you will smile at in the future! 

Step 5: This may seem obvious, but write! Write things out, your emotions and feelings. Talk to yourself! This is for you and you only so you can be really real here and open up. You may not like to talk to people and this is a great way to get things off your chest in your own privacy! I recommend writing about how you feel now but also how you want to feel in the future! How your first festival after this will be, how you’ll feel seeing friends again, things that remind you that good things will come again. 

Step 6: Set long term goals for yourself and write about how you want to get there. If it’s for a 4.0 GPA, a new job, a festival you want to go to; this journal is helping you bring that to life and brining the good vibes. Some people like to put in pictures of their goals, so pictures of the job, the festival, money, outfits things like that! This journal is meant to manifest your positive thoughts into reality! 

All in all this journal is yours and meant to be used how you’d like to use it. These are just some things I do for me, that help me deal with negative feels that need to be acknowledged while also reminding me why it’s important to stay positive! Add your own spin to it, look up questions that help you better discover you, maybe write recipes to help you eat better, exercises you want to try, draw up rave outfits you want to wear in the future, this is all up to you! Allow those positive thoughts and goals to cover those pages and help you become the best you, you can be! 

Stay strong and keep moving forward!

If you still feel stuck you can check out my giveaway of a positivity journal and some rave goodies on my Instagram @kaylin.cecilia for the chance to win one!!!


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