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Loana takes on Lost Lands!

Posted on November 20 2019

Loana takes on Lost Lands!


Models from left to right: Loana, Angie, Kiana, Tiffany Photographer: Shaya Eve Photography

Trying a new festival for the first time is always really exciting. This year, my husband and I decided to travel from Seattle to Columbus for Lost Lands for the first time. I’m a huge fan of dinosaurs, so naturally this was a festival I HAD to try when Excision announced that he was starting Lost Lands three years ago. Since I went to his other festival, Bass Canyon in my home state last year, I decided it was a good time to try Lost Lands. Although Lost Lands is a camping festival, my group decided to stay at a hotel since everyone was traveling from out of state.


Model: Loana Bodysuit: Punk Princess

Lost Lands happens over three days, and has two main stages and a few other smaller stages. My group mainly spent time at the two main stages, Prehistoric Paradox and Wompy Woods. Both stages had amazing sets all weekend, and some of my favorites were Ghastly, BTSM, Boogie T. Rio, Spag Heddy b2b Slander and Excision b2b Illenium. Besides the music, there was so much to see in the festival as well! There were dinosaurs everywhere, we even got to climb on the backs of some triceratops with saddles. There were also some art installations, and the most memorable one was the SAMSARA dome by Android Jones. The dome was a thirty minute audio and visual experience that had some really cool and trippy graphics, and it was a nice break from headbanging .


Model: Angie Top: Dynamite Halter Top Bottoms: Peachy Bottoms

One of the highlights from Lost Lands was getting to model for Rolita Couture’s new Circuit Breaker collection on Day 2. I was fortunate to be a part of this photoshoot with three other beautiful ladies, @kianas.gram, @angiee_ae, and @tifffyy and our amazing photographer @shayaevephotography. The best thing about this photoshoot was having the dinosaurs and art installations from Lost Lands to play around with. We got some really fun pictures from this photoshoot with some of the dinosaurs, which is something that would not have been possible at another festival!


Model: Kiana Top: Friction Chain Wrap Top

I started out the day by meeting the other Rolita Rebels in the group at noon. Even though it was my first time meeting everyone else except @kianas.gram, we all had interacted on Instagram before, and it almost felt like I was meeting people that I had already met in the past. Our first stop was the Lunautics Glitter Bar in the campsite, and they were kind enough to get us glitted up for the photoshoot! After we got sparkled up by Lunautics, we headed to an area that had some really cool dinosaur displays, and @shayaevephotography started taking our pictures. We first started out with group pictures and then got pictures taken by pairs, and then individually to finish off the photoshoot. I’ve done photoshoots with a few photographers, and what I loved about @shayaevephotography was she made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, and she made the photoshoot and fun and good experience!


Model: Tiffany Top: Mesh Friction Chain Wrap Top Bottoms: Peachy bottoms and Galactic Fairy Skirt

I’ve had a few people ask me tips on being comfortable during photoshoots, and my main advice is be your authentic self. This might mean that you’ll get some goofy pictures taken, and that’s completely okay. Photoshoots should be a fun experience! Plus if you’re doing a shoot with a group, it’s an amazing opportunity to make new friends and get to know people.


Model: Loana Bodysuit: Punk Princess

Overall, Lost Lands was an amazing experience. This was my second festival in the Midwest (my first one was Electric Forest 2018), and I’ve noticed that people in the Midwest are extremely nice, and the vibes from this festival was amazing. Even though I usually would not consider myself a basshead, I enjoyed almost every set I saw that weekend, and I was really excited with all the dinosaurs I saw at Lost Lands. I think it was one of the best festival I have ever been to, and I really want to go back again next year. Hope to see you all there if you make it to Lost Lands 2020!

Models from left to right: KianaLoana, Angie, Tiffany Photographer: Shaya Eve Photography


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