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Rolita Couture has my heart

Posted on June 26 2019

Rolita Couture has my heart


Walking from my campsite to meet up with the other Rolita Rebels, I was super nervous for my photoshoot. I took modeling classes a few years ago but had never done an official photoshoot with a company before, so you can understand my anxiousness.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Model: @bass.fairy  Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography 

Some of the girls were still getting their braids done by Squad Goal Beauty (I had gone the night before) so the other Rebels and I just got to relax and get to know each other. My anxiety was really bad but I decided to “ignore” it and forced myself to push past it. Instead of being super quiet (like I usually am) I started introducing myself to the other models.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Model: @xunicornxxqueenx  Photographer:  @cayanashleyphotography 

Thank God I decided to push past my anxiety because all the women were super sweet and kind, so sweet, they made my anxiety disappear! It was no longer a “photoshoot” but more like a bunch of friends getting together and taking bomb pictures!

After everyone had their braids done and we were all ready to go, not a fake eyelash or hair extension out of place, we decided to make the adventure to the photoshoot location (overflow campgrounds). We had to hop a fence to get to this gorgeous field. From the field you could see the entire festival, mountains and blue sky; a sight made by the rave gods for sure.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Glitter: @squadgoalsbeauty Model: @ahnikanskywalker Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography 

Once it was time to take pictures my anxiety started to rise, like butterflies desperately trying to escape. I had heard a few photoshoot horror stories.. where the girls were disrespected and downright sexualized (of course I had never heard any such horrors happen with Rolita Couture). Yes we’re half naked, but that DOES NOT give you the right to be disrespectful (my heart goes out to rave wear models who have experienced this). From the moment I met the photographer, Cayan Benjamin (@cayanashleyphotography), she was super sweet. She told us exactly what to do, nicely. There was no disrespect or judgment in her voice at all! Her kindness made it insanely easy to be in front of the camera, like it was as simple as breathing.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Glitter: @squadgoalsbeauty Model: @ayotoots Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography

We took group photos together which was probably my favorite part (besides making a bunch of new friends). We had fun with it, goofing around, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It was easy to forget that this was a photoshoot because of how much fun I was having. The whole shoot was full of laughs and just a few girls bonding over our love for festival fashion and love for ourselves.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Glitter: @squadgoalsbeauty Models: @kianas.gram, @ahnikanskywalker@xunicornxxqueenx@bass.fairy & @ayotoots Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography 

After the photoshoot was done, I left pretty quickly to ice my knee. Walking away from everyone a little early hurt my heart but my knee was absolutely killing me (I’m recovering from a knee injury I had early this year). The entirety of the walk back to my campground I caught myself going over things I could have done differently in my head. I quickly put these negative thoughts aside and focused on all the

Since I had to be ready for the shoot by 9:30am, of course I was ready to enter the festival right away. Sadly, the festival didn’t start till 1pm and by then my friends were still getting ready.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Glitter: @squadgoalsbeauty Model: @kianas.gram Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography 

My overwhelming love for house compelled me to go in early. There was no way my shuffling self was going to miss getting groovy to Volac and Habstrakt! I met up with some other friends and made the journey from GA camping to the festival.

Never have I ever met so many lovely women during a festival! So many girls came up to me to compliment my outfit, dance & of course, take pictures together. Sadly, I had forgotten all my kandi at home and couldn’t trade with any of these babes who recognized me as a Rolita Rebel.

Braider: @braidsbyjewelz  Glitter: @squadgoalsbeauty Model: @xunicornxxqueenx Photographer: @cayanashleyphotography 

Every single soul I met at this festival was nothing but loving and kind. I’m from Canada so the festival scene out here has an entirely different crowd, since our events are all ages.

Overall this festival was beautiful! From the people, to the art they had and even the rides, it was all new festival territory for me and I LOVED IT! I especially adored prancing around in my Rolita Couture outfit; their clothing makes me feel super confident! As a small girl it’s hard to find rave clothes (even normal people clothes) that fit me properly. But her clothing fit me perfectly and it was such an
empowering feeling!

Paradiso you stole my half my heart, sorry the other half belongs to Rolita Couture.


Written by Victoria


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