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Rave fashion and Finding My confidence

Posted on February 13 2020

Rave fashion and Finding My confidence

We learn from a young age as women to cover ourselves up to fit societal norms and the idea of what is appropriate, but at raves all of that stigmatism around what to wear and how to dress, goes out the window. It taught me how to embrace the fact that my body is beautiful and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Raves and rave fashion have let me express myself and my body in a free and natural way, in a setting that holds no judgment. Without the freedom rave fashion gives me I would not be the same confident woman I am today. 

Model: Claire 


To start, It’s so important in today’s society to have a safe place to express yourself <3 For me, and a lot of other people I know our outlet is through raving now.  Growing up i struggled with body dysmorphia and eating disorders all throughout my childhood. It was extremely hard for me to even step on a scale or feel comfortable with who I was. My everyday battle with my self image started to impact other aspects of my life as well. Not only was I losing significant weight, but my self confidence and self identity was disappearing with it. To anyone who has struggled with an ED, to just reach your goal is never enough. You’ll always want to weigh less or eat less, until basically I just felt less, all around. Less me.


To this day I still struggle with it some days, and I am nowhere near perfect but as crazy as it sounds, getting to wear these bright, sparkly outfits in such a loving place, helped me learn to love my own body. The way that it is naturally. These outfits gave me a sense of Identity that I never had before. By being able to wear WHATEVER I wanted, from a body suit down to pasties. It opened up the idea in my head that I am perfect no matter what I wear, or the size of my stomach. I looked down at all the glitter and bedazzled clothes for a night, and can feel that I shine just as bright as them.I never feel uncomfortable, out of place, or that i need to cover up my body when I'm surrounded by so many likeminded individuals. Instead, I get to flaunt who i am in such a safe loving enviroment<3 


It’s hard to explain the feeling I get through rave fashion, but when so many people around you reassure you how great you look and embrace the real you, whoever that is, it gives you such a sense of self in the most beautiful of ways <3 

Raving gave me an opportunity to explore and push my own limits to find what style makes me happy in a place that supports individuality. To me rave fashion is all about body empowerment and celebrating the fact that we are all different. As a girl, having a sense of confidence is going to be your best friend in this world. Brands like Rolita Couture look to inspire people of all different races, body types and style choices to embrace their bodies and who they are <3 

I LOVE everything about their values as a company and what they stand for, and its part of the reason that I love rave fashion so much as a whole. I feel so comfortable wearing their clothes because they make me feel beautiful on the inside and out.  There is not only so many sizes ranging from XS-XXL but they create so many style options from full coverage pants to bikini and thong backs that there is a little something for everyone to feel beautiful in no matter what your style preference is.

I have so many reasons to thank the rave community for who I am today and the women I'm becoming because of it, and I would love to thank all the brands who constantly support and strive to make this community so accepting. <3 Some people may see us prancing around in sparkly crop tops to loud music, but all I see is my family of confident, blossoming people owning their bodies and lives to the fullest potential. <3 I know a lot of people, boys and girls, can  probably relate to the fact that raving has changed their life for the better and I can stand by saying it has for me too. Rave on my beautiful humans, make sure to follow me @dinamo155 on instagram <3 I would love to meet and rage with all of you <3

Written by Claire 


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