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Ravewear Trends for 2022

Posted on February 22 2022

We have predicted five main trends that are going to thrive in this upcoming festival season! Whether you are a kandi kid, basshead or techno snob, these trends can fit into any aesthetic of your choosing. ✨


⚡️ Neons ⚡️

It seems that neons have always been involved in the rave scene, but this year we predict they are going to take center stage! Whether it's an entire monochrome neon look or just a little pop, neon is going to be the main color trend of the 2022 festival season. Shop neons here!
💎 Chunky Jewelry 💎


Chunky jewelry has ebbed and flowed in so many different ways throughout history. Oversized earrings in the 1970s, flashy costume jewelry in the 80s, chunky statement necklaces in the 2010s, the list goes on. We predict that for 2022, chunky jewelry is going to make a comeback in a new way. Necklaces with large eye-catching pendants will be prevalent along with matching oversized earrings. For festival season, why do it small when you can do it all? Shop oversized jewelry now.


🕸 Mesh 🕸

We are so happy someone decided to pick up a fishing net and wear it one day because let's face it - mesh is HOT. It is the perfect material to create complex layers with minimal effort. It's also perfect if you want to have less coverage but don't want to be completely naked. It is sexy, edgy and comfortable! We foresee many more mesh and fishnet pieces this season such as bodysuits, tops, skirts, shrugs, gloves and full body mesh catsuits. 


🌈 Holographic 🌈

Holographic items were always associated with space, aliens, technology and the future. It's no surprise that holographic fabrics settled in right at home in the festival and rave community. We have seen holographic clothing surge in popularity in the rave scene, but we believe that 2022 is going to be it's time to really shine. More options for holographic clothing will be available in more styles than ever before. Putting together a futuristic rave babe look will be easier than ever, and therefore, more popular! 
🍑 Legging Chaps 🍑


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