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Spice Up Your Quarantine Look With Glitter

Posted on April 01 2020

Spice Up Your Quarantine Look With Glitter

5 Glitter Looks For Home Photoshoots

During a time like this, when all the fests are postponed and the clubs are closed, it leaves us ravers hungry for a rave. However, being quarantined in our houses leave very little room for a night out so that is where home photo shoots come into play!

Many artists are live streaming their previously done sets as well as releasing snippets of new music being currently worked on! This is the perfect vibe for an at-home rave with a photoshoot! If you are like me and don’t have a camera, no worries! I take all my home photo shoots with my phone camera on a timer and that works perfectly and still allows for me to get all dolled up and feel beautiful.

The one concept of my outfit that takes the longest time to put together is the glitter and gems accent! There is so much creativity and personality that goes into accenting an outfit with the use of glitter and sometimes that creative process becomes blocked! So, I compiled a list of 5 glitter looks that are cute and simple enough to use for at-home photo shoots!


1. Standard Glitter Crown Look With No Face Gems

Model: @miss_sammi_marie

This look is good for those who are just starting out and do not have much to work with. In fact, this look was my first ever glitter look that I had done. Glitter is applied to the sides of the face in a crescent shape as well as in the center of the forehead in a crown-like shape.


2. Two-Colored Side and Under Eye Frame Glitter Look

Doing looks like this definitely made me realize that us glasses wearers have it rough when it comes to face glitter but we gotta POWER through it and be confident! In one color glitter, you will make a crescent shape on the side of the face and in a different color, you will make a line from the end of one crescent to the end of the other crescent; this line will cut across your face over your nose!


3. Glitter Crown With Face Gems and Chest Glitter

Another cute way to accent isn’t just to use glitter but to also use face and/or chest gems! Face gems are a quick and easy way to spice up a whole outfit so I highly recommend having a few in your collection! Apply the face gem first and then apply the glitter around it!


4. One Color Under Eye Frame and Chest Glitter design

If you have a top that will allow for you to draw your own design, go for it! I find that it works very well with tube tops since nothing is covered by straps. You can apply your face glitter in any style and then create a chest design based on the theme of your outfit! In the photos above, I was trying out heart designs for my Queen of Hearts outfit for EDC!


5. Two-Colored Under Eye Look

If you have a silver or a gold color of glitter, you can use that to highlight the inner crooks of your eyes/nose. It will create a look that absolutely pops!


Most of these glitter looks are all variations of one another and that is the best part about using glitter as an accent! The glitter and gems that I used in my photos is from Rave Fantasyland, a small business that is local to Phoenix, AZ!


Our world is going through a weird phase at the moment where the future does not seem to exist but we cannot let that stop us from expressing who we are and how we feel! Dress up in that outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful, use your glitter and gems as a creative outlet, and take at-home photos using your phone if that is all you have. You deserve it all.

Written by Samantha  

Let us know which style is your favorite. 



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