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Things to do During the Quarantine

Posted on April 30 2020

With the given circumstance in the world, the best we can all do collectively is to stay home until the situation is in the clear. But let’s be real I’m sure many of us, me included, had barely any free time before this and don’t know what to do now that we have so much of it. During this time it’s easy to feel sad about all the events and festivals getting postponed and cancelled, but that only means there’s more time to prepare yourself for all these events in the future! Here’s a quick list of things to keep you busy for the time being.

Clean out your closet
Donate items no longer needed or try reselling them on resell sites. This is the perfect time to clean out the closet and sort all the things we shove to the side in that pile or on that chair.

Practice healthy sleeping patterns
It’s easy to get carried away and go to sleep very late since most of us don’t have any plans first thing in the morning, but try to practice going to bed at a reasonable hour so your body gets rest at a regular schedule.

Try out something new

Interested in something but never had the time to look into it? Now’s the time to try out those TikTok dances you’ve seen everywhere or try doing the splits, the possibilities are endless. Making goals during this time is a great idea to do as well in terms of making us motivated to get things done. Youtube is a great source for DIYs and tutorials. 

Source: emmymadeinjapan

Binge watch a series or 3
Haven’t seen that show that everyone’s been talking about? Now you can watch all the seasons uninterrupted! The more episodes the better. Some of my favorite tv series are: Naruto, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Simpsons, The Office are just to name a few with tons of episodes.

Pick up old hobbies
Ever stop doing something you liked because you had no time? It’s the perfect time to revisit things that bring you joy that you didn’t have time to do. Maybe you’ve discovered more of that hobby as the years gone by, you’d be surprised how things can change!

Source: koretha

Hope this mini list keeps you occupied for a while. This is only temporary as long as everyone does their part and stays home as much as possible! Stay safe and wash your hands y’all!


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