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We sat down with Vibewithade!

Posted on September 13 2019

We sat down with Vibewithade!

We sat down with Ade, the creative powerhouse behind @vibewithade ! We just had to know more about her, her journey and pick her brain about her own personal style!


Model: Ade   Top: Utopia Top

How did you start becoming involved in the edm scene? Describe your journey 

I had been listening to EDM back in 2012-2013 to big room/progressive house. I didn’t go to my first event until Mad Decent Block Party 2015. I had always been curious about going to raves and events and finally decided to go with my best friends and never looked back. I was instantly hooked because of the music, the people and the overall experience.

What made you gain interest in festival fashion?

Honestly, my whole self-love and fitness journey helped me gain more confidence which had me want to see where else I could take my festival fashion. Also finding new brands that are handmade by amazing people keeps me interested to support local and small business owners.

Model: Ade

How would you describe your own personal festival fashion style?

Cute and comfy. I have to be able to shuffle and dance in it all night and always has to be cute :)

What’s your favorite part of planning for a festival?

The outfits!! And my schedule I get so excited knowing what artists I get to see at the festival I’m attending.

What made you decide to start your vlogging channel?

I had started my blog in September 2017 and I was in a marketing apprenticeship program at the time. In this program, I learned how big YouTube has become and how I could turn all my written content into video content. I had done some videos on YouTube before of clips at festivals or on trips put to music as like a montage so I wanted to see what else I could do.

Model: Ade

How do you find inspiration for creating content?

Helping people out and what people want to know about going to music festivals is where I find inspiration. I’m always thinking about what will help the most people with the questions that they have.

When looking to travel to a new fest, what are the most important factors you take into account?

I take the lineup first and foremost into account. It has to have artists I’ve never seen before with a good mix of artists that I do like. The next thing I think about is what does this festival have to offer me? Is it a festival I have never been before or is the experience incredible that I have to go again? For festivals that are a whole experience like Electric Forest and Lightning in a Bottle, I feel more inclined to travel for.

Model: Ade

What is your favorite genre that you are listening to right now?

House music forever and always <3 I listen to all genres, but house music all day every day.


When creating festival blogs and vlogs, do you plan your content and points of interest first? Or do you just let the festival guide you?

When I have festivals, that usually pretty much directs the content. When I don’t have a festival coming up, I have to get a little more creative as to what people have been asking about or curious about. This leaves me staying tuned into social media always to keep up with trends and what not.

You have posted a few times about your own personal growth along your journey. Tell us about ways that you have grown through festival blogging and being a festival fashionista.

I have this thought frequently that it must be wild for my followers to have been along this path with me. I have changed so much since I started Vibe With Ade. I have really grown up with my platform and become more like me. I am a lot more confident in myself and have learned a lot about myself in the process.

If you could say anything that may inspire someone looking to start their edm blog/vlog, what advice would you tell them

Do it for the right reasons. Do it because you want to document your experiences and share your story. Don’t do it for the free stuff or the huge following because it’s A LOT of work. I work full time 40 hours a week and do everything on the side. I do this because I care about our community and I want to help. My success has just been the icing on the cake. If you’re in it for the right reasons, then just do it. Take action to get started, do your research and just have fun with it. 

What is your favorite part about being a Rolita Rebel?

The whole community of the Rolita Rebels is the best. They are the most inclusive and supportive women I’ve ever met in this community. They truly want nothing, but the best for you and that’s all because we are led by the woman who makes it all possible. Rosa really looks out for us and is a leader in this community she is the best.

Model: Ade Top: Peekaboo Top Bottoms: Sweetheart Bottoms
You can connect with Ade and follow her journey at 

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